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FBI Officials Wanted To Charge Hillary Clinton — Turns Out, They Should Have

Deep State: The plot, as always in the Russia investigation, thickens. It never thins. Now we find out, contrary to what former FBI Director James Comey said, that top FBI officials wanted to charge Hillary Clinton for criminally misusing her homebrew email server and compromising American secrets. The lies continue to unravel.


This is the Deep State on steroids. If newly appointed Attorney General William Barr decides to clean house, and we hope he does, he’ll have his hands full.

Meanwhile, as former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe continues his self-destructive book tour, it’s increasingly obvious he too was part of a far-reaching plot to take down President Trump. They based it on the flimsiest of evidence.

Of course, as we’ve said, it’s possible Special Counsel Robert Mueller has a surprise up his sleeve when he wraps up his Trump-Russia investigation. But if not, then the actions of key leaders in both the FBI and Justice Department constitute an extra-constitutional effort to subvert America’s democratic republic. That is, a silent coup.

That’s the clear subtext of testimony last October from FBI General Counsel James Baker, the FBI’s top lawyer in 2016, indicating both Comey and Clinton lied. Though he spoke to Congress in October, Baker’s actual remarks only came to light this week.

Hillary Clinton: Unpunished Crimes

Baker told Congress that, despite her denials, Clinton and her team mishandled “highly classified” information on her server, and that they should have known they did so. That’s a crime.

Contrary to Comey’s glib self-serving comment that “no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case,” Baker said that he still thought Clinton should be prosecuted “pretty late” in the game and that FBI debates over charging her with a crime continued “I think, up until the end.”

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Baker backed off from seeking prosecution for Clinton after being convinced by higher-ups — like Comey — that they couldn’t prove she intended to expose classified documents across her unsecured email server. So therefore, a prosecutor couldn’t prove criminal intent.

The only problem is, that’s not the law. As Fox News noted this week, “Federal law states that ‘gross negligence’ in handling the nation’s intelligence can be punished criminally with prison time or fines, and there is no requirement that defendants act intentionally or recklessly.”

Deep State Interference

In other words, Clinton’s clear reckless negligence itself warranted charges. But because of Comey, Andrew McCabe, and others at the FBI and Justice Department, she was never charged. Instead, they used charges contained in an unverified dossier financed by Hillary Clinton to begin their relentless pursuit of Donald Trump.

This isn’t the first time we’ve talked about this, by the way. Way back in October of 2016, we led our editorial with this: “When FBI Director James Comey dismissed the case against Hillary Clinton he said it was because no reasonable attorney would take the case. Now we learn that there were plenty who would have done so.”

In short, we said, she should have been charged. She wasn’t.

At the time, we based our opinion on a 2016 Fox News report that noted,  “Career agents and attorneys on the case unanimously believed the Democratic presidential nominee should have been charged.”

If anything, Baker’s testimony confirms that two-year-old Fox report.

Will Barr Act?

So career investigators and attorneys wanted to charge Clinton, but were derailed, as Baker said, by higher-ups. For the record, that means Comey and the ever-growing cast of characters in the Justice Department and FBI lied, dissembled and covertly supported Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential election. It was a clear violation of the law.

The attempted coup by the Deep State cannot go unpunished. It will seriously endanger the rule of law in our country. The only real question is who should be charged first? Clinton? Or her Deep State allies who did all they could to undo a legitimate American presidential election on her behalf?

Once again, we hope William Barr has the answers.


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