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Democrats Revealed Their True Open Border Stripes

Border Security: Not only are Democrats opposed to a border wall, now they want to ensure that those who make it across the border can’t be returned. Tell us again how Democrats aren’t the party of open borders?


On Monday, talks between congressional Republicans and Democrats over funding for border protection had broken down. Not because of Republican intransigence. They’ve already agreed to a third or less of the relatively small $5.7 billion President Trump wants for a border wall.

Nope, it was because Democrats suddenly insisted that there must be a cap on the number of detention beds that ICE — Immigration and Customs Enforcement — can have. Democrats wanted it limited to 16,500 beds for illegals caught in the interior of the country.

A Cap On Border Protection?

This would have amounted to a strict cap on the number of illegal immigrants that ICE can detain, because in order for them to be detained, ICE has to find a bed for them.

Democrats claim that this cap would be sufficient to allow ICE to detain and deport illegals who commit violent crimes, but not those who aren’t lawbreakers — other than the fact that they broke the law by sneaking across the border.

But when Republicans pushed for lifting the cap should there be more than 16,500 criminals in custody, Democrats at first refused.

Democrats weren’t even trying to hide their true intent. As California Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard said: “A cap on detention beds associated with interior enforcement will rein in the Trump administration’s deportation agenda.”

Breitbart’s Neil Muno said it much better: “The plan would create an invisible bureaucratic amnesty for economic migrants who do not commit violent crimes.”

So, to sum up: in their heart of hearts, Democrats want to make it easy for illegals to cross the border, and easy for them to stay once they’re here.

Yet, any time someone accuses Democrats of being for open borders, they scream “unfair!”

No Money For Security

Now, it’s true that Democrats involved in the negotiations agreed to provide more money for border protection. But look at their opening bid, which the Washington Post obtained and posted on its website. They’re don’t seem interested in improving border protection at all.

Democrats proposed zero funds for new Border Patrol agents. And they want to forbid hiring more Enforcement and Removal Operations personnel.

The only hiring they approved of was for more customs agents, more detention oversight officials and inspectors and more Health Service Corp staff.

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They are eager to throw more money for things that will make illegals’ stay here more comfortable. Such as additional funds for better medical care, more efficient transportation, food and other consumables for detainees. They proposed more money for border technology, which has already proven itself inadequate to the task.

By Monday evening, reports of a deal between the two sides emerged. We’ll wait to see what’s in it. Our guess is that it won’t result in any real improvement in border security.

The Democrats have made it clear that they won’t stand for that.

The question now is what will Trump do to live up to his campaign promise.


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