Is Global Warming A Hoax? Discover The Climate Change Facts And Fiction

While many people in the media and scientific community claim the climate change science is settled, do the facts back that up? Derisively called “deniers,” climate change skeptics continue to challenge the so-called conventional wisdom, asking “Is global warming a hoax? Is man-made global warming the dire threat environmentalists claim?”

Recent global warming agreements brokered by the U.N. seek steep reductions in world C02 output to slow the presumed warming of the earth’s atmosphere, while also seeking alterations in the economy that would move energy sources away from fossil fuels toward renewable natural energy.


But a growing contingent of scientists and economists call into question the climate change dogma, saying that the temperature data show no clear recent warming and noting that the benefits of global warming, if it existed, might be greater than the costs. This split will define the political debate in the near term.

Former president Barack Obama and most of the Democratic Party signed on eagerly to the U.N. agenda, which entails major reductions in the size of the U.S. economy.

President Donald Trump, by naming a Cabinet filled with energy executives and global warming skeptics, has made his policy far more friendly toward conventional fossil fuels than Obama’s was.

Is Global Warming A Hoax? Or Is Climate Change Real?

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