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Revealed: How The CBO Saved ObamaCare With Bogus Forecasts

Health Reform: How do you enact a massive new program, and then keep it from being repealed after it fails? It’s simple. Just pull the numbers out of thin air. That’s basically what happened with ObamaCare. X When centrist Democrats were deciding whether to support ObamaCare in 2010, the “nonpartisan” Congressional Budget Office told them […]

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Are Democrats Offering Economic Policies, Or Pipe Dreams?

As Democrats swing left, it becomes increasingly difficult to imagine what their triumph in the next election would mean for America. The presidential candidates endorse a variety of far-reaching proposals that, if adopted, would represent the largest expansion of government since Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society. The added federal spending, taxes or deficits could total hundreds […]

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Trump’s Drug Pricing Scheme Will Hurt Seniors And Health Care Providers

Late last year, President Donald Trump published an op-ed criticizing Democratic proposals to replace private health insurance with a “Medicare for all” system. X His move came as progressive forces, led by Bernie Sanders and now declared presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren, continued to reorient Democratic Party ideology toward more socialized government control over health care […]

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Streamlining Drug Approvals Can Spur Innovation And Cut Costs

The FDA recently issued new draft guidance that could accelerate the development of breakthrough medicines — thereby saving millions of patients’ lives. X The draft guidance encourages pharmaceutical companies to embrace “adaptive trial designs,” which can shave years off the traditional drug research and testing process. FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb hopes the guidance will make […]