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Green New Deal Strengthens Putin But Weakens America 

Progressive lawmakers in Congress just rolled out their “Green New Deal,” a sweeping bill designed to end America’s reliance on fossil fuels. They hope to ultimately eliminate gas-powered cars, airplanes, and even outdoor BBQ grills. X Environmental activists aren’t the only ones delighted with the proposal. Petro-state dictators like Russian President Vladimir Putin, Iranian Ayatollah […]

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Venezuela’s Maduro Has A Choice — He Can Leave On His Own, Or With A Military Escort

Socialism: “Maduro must go,” Vice President Mike Pence said, following talks with Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido about how to best get rid of that country’s socialist dictator who has presided over the collapse of a once-wealthy country. Pence is right of course. But it may be easier said than done. X President Trump supports […]

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America’s Unilateral Disarmament In The Resource Wars

The late Stan Lee, comic book king and father to a slew of American superheroes, was a futurist as well.  It was Lee whose fertile mind more than 50 years ago “invented” Vibranium, the imaginary metal used for Captain America’s shield, IronMan’s exoskeleton, and Black Panther’s energy-absorbing suit. X Vibranium may not be found on […]

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Russia Exploits ‘Yellow Vest’ Turmoil In France, Too

France is ripe for Russian hybrid warfare. X The Yellow Vest protests, which began late last year in rural areas, have spread throughout the country. They are now the most violent demonstrations central Paris has seen since 1968. And despite many concessions by the French government, there is no sign that the protesters will stand […]