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Changing Reality With Words

The reinvention of vocabulary can often be more effective than any social protest movement. Malarial swamps can become healthy “wetlands.” Fetid “dumps” are often rebranded as green “landfills.” X Global warming was once a worry about too much heat. It implied that man-made carbon emissions had so warmed the planet that life as we knew […]

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Despite Short-Term Ruckus, Long-Term Progress On The Border

Compromise reached. Donald Trump is going to build — his administration is said to be building already, with appropriated funds — the border wall, er, barrier. Congressional Democrats have reportedly inserted provisions that make it easier for purported asylum seekers arriving with children to disappear and augment the illegal population. X Compromise unreached. Recipients of […]

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Democrats Revealed Their True Open Border Stripes

Border Security: Not only are Democrats opposed to a border wall, now they want to ensure that those who make it across the border can’t be returned. Tell us again how Democrats aren’t the party of open borders? X On Monday, talks between congressional Republicans and Democrats over funding for border protection had broken down. […]

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Trump Should Take Democrats’ Wall Deal And Run With It

Government Shutdown: Is a deal about to be struck by congressional negotiators that would end the possibility of a shutdown? It’s no sure thing, but it looks that way. The deal involves President Trump getting a minuscule $1.375 billion, not the $5.7 billion he requested, to build the border wall. Trump’s not happy. He should […]

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Could California’s Doomed Bullet Train Fund Trump’s Border Wall?

Infrastructure: California Gov. Gavin Newsom just pulled the plug on the state’s bullet train boondoggle. President Trump should demand the $3.5 billion the federal government dumped into this black hole back, so he can put it to better use building the border wall. X In his State of the State speech, Newsom said he was […]

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Border Wall: The Talk Is Done — Time To Build

Border Wall:  After President Donald Trump said Thursday he’ll sign the budget deal, he ended the possibility of a second government shutdown. Now, for part two of this saga: his declaration of an emergency to build the border wall Trump promised to Americans. X We urged him to take that step before the deal had […]