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Green New Deal Support May Cost Politicians Votes: IBD/TIPP Poll

Attempting to pass the so-called Green New Deal in Congress could hold political peril for the Democratic Party in 2020, a new IBD/TIPP Poll suggests. X Partisan Divide Over Green New Deal Among those queried by the poll, 43% said they would be “less likely to vote for” a candidate who supported the Green New […]

Election 2020 IBD/TIPP Poll IBD/TIPP Presidential Leadership Index Politics

Biden Has 13-Point Lead Over Trump As President’s Job Approval Slides: IBD/TIPP Poll

Joe Biden has a big lead over President Donald Trump, the August IBD/TIPP Poll showed. The other top three Democratic presidential contenders enjoyed smaller 2020 election leads over the GOP incumbent. Meanwhile, Trump’s job approval fell to a six-month-low 40% in August. X Biden-Trump Matchup The former vice president leads the Democratic field with 30% […]

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Pelosi Drug Pricing Plan Puts Big Pharma In 2020 Election Hot Seat

The new drug pricing plan from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is Big Pharma’s worst nightmare. The bill would give the government power to negotiate prices for the 250 prescription drugs that cost Medicare the most. All consumers would benefit — not just Medicare beneficiaries. Customers in the U.S., known for its high drug prices, would have […]

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Would Barack Obama Be Too Conservative For Today’s Democrats?

Election 2020: When Bernie Sanders announced on Tuesday that he was running for president, the only surprising thing was how much competition he’ll have on the far left. The current crop of 2020 candidates is so liberal, in fact, that it makes the Barack Obama of 2008 look positively right wing. X When Obama first ran, he […]

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Elizabeth Warren And The False Promise Of Universal Preschool

Elizabeth Warren, one of the — what is it now, 211? — candidates for president, seems intent on proving that having been a Harvard law professor is no bar to fatuous policy prescriptions. She has endorsed the farrago of foolishness called the Green New Deal, promises to tax the rich to “make the economy work for […]

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Has A Serious Billionaire Problem

Redistribution: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says billionaires are immoral. She also thinks the U.S. should be more like Sweden and Norway. So she wants more billionaires here? X Democrats have recently discovered a new threat to the American way of life: billionaires. An interviewer recently asked socialist Ocasio-Cortez: “Do we live in a moral world that allows […]

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Are Democrats Offering Economic Policies, Or Pipe Dreams?

As Democrats swing left, it becomes increasingly difficult to imagine what their triumph in the next election would mean for America. The presidential candidates endorse a variety of far-reaching proposals that, if adopted, would represent the largest expansion of government since Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society. The added federal spending, taxes or deficits could total hundreds […]

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Run, Howard Schultz, Run — Don’t Give In To Democrat Bullies

Election 2020: Starbucks tycoon Howard Schultz had barely gotten the words out of his mouth about a possible independent bid for president before an angry Democratic mob descended on him. He should ignore them. X It’s a “pathetic vanity project,” one said. Others threatened to boycott Starbucks. Neera Tanden, head of the left-wing Center for […]

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Democrats’ ‘Green New Deal’ Is Really A Call For Enviro-Socialism

Green New Deal: The far-left Democrats finally unveiled their plan for their “Green New Deal.” It’s a shocking document, essentially a call for enviro-socialism in America. It’s no doubt prompting many across the nation to wonder: Has this once-respectable political party of the working class gone collectively mad? X It sure seems that way. Reading […]

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Trump’s Surprisingly Reflective And Disciplined State Of The Union

“This year,” President Trump stated in his widely viewed and positively rated State of the Union address, “America will recognize two important anniversaries that show us the majesty of America’s mission and the power of American pride.” X “On D-Day, June 6, 1944, 15,000 young American men jumped from the sky, and 60,000 more stormed […]